Is it just me or is the game making some of the players all-powerful? Yeah, it’s beta, but still it’s kinda awkward..

Plus, I somehow can’t see any CUSTOMISATION now. I mean, look at the trees, you take all the talents in one tree, leaving only two or three that are out of your play style (PvP for grinders etc), NOT changing the fact that you virtually take up everything else in the tree. Good for specialisation, fatal for customisation the game was so proud of.

Despite all this, I think the game experience will be better when all these changes are implemented. All the whining is caused mostly by that it is as great a transition from WoW to 4.0.1 as it was from Starcraft to Starcraft 2 – A totally new game

EDIT: It would seem that my computer isn’t too compatible with the latest release and has some issues while logging in – it pampers me with a beautiful polygon mosaic until it crashes. Wating for a hotfix..

EDIT2: Ok, it seems everything is in order now. However, 4.0.1 is still bugged as heck. We’ll see where it goes from here