The head of Black Dragons, whose charisma is usually used to amass guild funds. The problem, however, is that these funds rarely go to the treasury- guild representation isn’t cheap and no self-respecting leader will wear the same cape more than once. Draco’s a Shaman, which means he can speak to the spirits if he administers absolutely necessary amounts of liquor and gets a good night’s sleep. This is why he has developped an allergy to physical strain- you need to be well rested to tackle spiritual matters. He is also a great enthusiast of jewellery, especially rings, which he can create on his own as high-rank Jeweller. The commander never leaves without his cap, unless he has other items covering his head. The same applies to all kinds of capes, whom he has a couple of dozens- for every day of the month.

Ghost Rider

Flameheaded Ghost Rider, called Ghost for short, is the ower of the fastest bike on this side from Kamchatka. His hobbies are timed squirrel-squishing and losing pursuit, but as he would not like to lose his favourite ride, he prefers to focus on computer games and online trolling instead. This is the reason why he lets slip cyber-jargon from time to time. Upon joining the crew he was given a choice whether to become a mighty Warrior or a sneaky Rogue. After much hesitation he chose the latter and is able to sneak up to women’s bathhouse. When it came to choosing proffessions it became really smooth after he found out all the gizmos he’d be able to install in his chopper as an Engineer. Ghost dresses in leather, always carries a knife and as he stated: ‘plays an Engie and dares anyone to beat him in a 100-meter race.


Val loves Alchemy and is a staunch feminist- the cause of despair among male members of Black Dragons. Hert tried many times to get close to her in a subtle way, unfortunately a dwarf’s subtlety means hugging, brushing each other’s beards or wild panting. Of course that’s NOT the way of courting Val grew accustomed to. She’s also acquired a few skills handy in cooling down hot-headed admirers- literally! She knows many powerful ice spells and never alows anyone to step in her private zone. She’s also adamant in protecting her lab, thanks to which the crew can from time to time pillage an instance or two.Unfortunately, they display great enthusiasm in using up the resources, drinking gallons of potions as fast as possible, which often leads them to savour berries instead of ‘phat lewt’.


Hert has a talent for trouble, which added to his inborn stubborness (Hert is ‘lucky’ to be a dwarf, a race well-known for their lack of tackt and inclinations for anarchy) is a powerful combination of crotch-biting and drink binging in the least appropriate moment. What is more, Hert is ‘the only known Dwarf Demonologist (he got carried away on one of the parties..) and even though he can’t ‘cast any hokus-pokus’ he displays a very strong bond with all kinds of horned void-dwellers (what happened at that particular party remains a mystery, as even the dwarf concerned was ‘drunk as a lord and wasn’t able to tell apart his own ass from a keg’o'beer’). Being who he is, he does not possess a normal profession, utilising the mysterious art of Pentagramology instead. The team suspects it’s connected to summoning demons, but in reality Hert just can’t draw very well..


Volv is the vanquisher of pets- tales about his attepmpts in finding one, told in a hushed voice at night camps makes even the bravest tremble in fear. After being hit by Hert’s sledgehammer, he became nature-loving animal right’s activist, so his career was already decided- he became a.. Warrior, claiming that Warrior and Druid sounded very alike and he was very tired when choosing.. Apart from the unexpected class, Volv possesses a unique ability of doing the simplest task in the most unusual way (ever tried to open a can with dynamite? Well, don’t..), which combined with Hert causes the enemies to avoid the groups teritories. Unfortunately, the same applies to allies.. Still, Volv is a very optimistic person who always has faith that this time repairing the kettle will not require fire brigade’s intervention and the evacuation of the whole area..

Grey Wolf

The team knows Grey Wolf as Kamil- an easy going nature lover, but in reality Grey Wolf is a Hunter vet (both combat and medical). His knowledge about the woods is insurpassible, but somehow he has great difficulty in exercising it. This is why it’s good to listen to his advice, but stay away when he tries to demonstrate- the result may be both amusing and painful at the same time. Kamil had difficulties in deciding which proffession to choose (horse thief, lathe operator, forklift driver or acrobat), but finally found out that he really enjoys helping others, which would make him a great medic, but for the fact that his bleeding treatment usually ends in bone fracture.. Grey Wolf is always accompanied by his pet, though usually not suitable for the occasion..