Once upon a time der be a forum Troll. When he wuz fed up wid da flames he be causin’ he decided to to make sumtin’ new for da forum mons as compensation for years of flamin’ an spammin’. He consulted da fortune tellers an spent lots of cash for da tarot an finally, after drinkin’ sum elixires he saw a vision an within it his goal!

Dat be how a mischevious plan be born! He decided to create a webcomic an after evaluatin’ his high drawin’ skills decided to use other artwork- da world wuz not prepared for his art yet. Browsin’ through tens of options he found da means to make his plan come true and den treated da forum mons with sublime jokes dat were so awesome dat he himself could not bear their powah!
Seein’ da results of his work, da Troll decided dat oder mons should also have a chance to praise him so he embedded subtle propaganda in favour of peppers and lil’ sweet turtles into da sublime messages dat existed widin da strips. He did not know what language to use, but he be thinkin’ ’bout a dark an overcomplicated one: Draconic, Eredun or French. After many a battle for a stable web domain da Troll created a site dat in Common dat would help him control da world! Now he started to make plans for conquering Mars as well..
However, da Admins were vigilant and seein’ da destruction to da world da site would bring dey put advertisements distractin’ da readers on da site as well! Now da Troll needs to gader fundings to clear da site of dose elements, but when he succeeds he will become supreme! Who in da world could resist Tappy?